Dave Klaiber is now available as a freelance Director and also through his full service production company. With a renewed and flexible approach, Dave sees the new way forward and is ready to collaborate on projects bringing his high-energy approach coupled with his 20 plus years of directing experience.

Dave has won a whole bunch of awards over the years and it is his unbridled enthusiasm and professional approach that brings clients back time and time again.

Starting out as a comedy, performance director and now evolving into a visual realm, his ability to tell a story from simple performance to big ideas and adventure sports is his passion.

I feel most at home when I immerse myself into a film project and breathe life into the words written on a page.

From Cars to Stars, Surfboards to Sharks, Kids and Animals, Dave has the know how to adapt and deliver in any situation.

Having become one of the best Directors of VR 360 content around the world, Dave has a new insight into filming techniques and possibilities. He has built and pioneered specialized camera rigs to achieve truly unique shots. His work has been viewed over 100 million times online.

Dave always keeps his cool and his ability to collaborate and listen to creatives and clients alike make him a very in demand director.